Meet Tyler Glasnow Girlfriend, Megan Murphy an Aesthetic Injector in Florida

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Tyler Glasnow Girlfriend is Megan Murphy. Currently, She works as a Physical Assistant/ Aesthetic Injector at Watt Plastic Surgery. Her motto is to help people look and feel their Best. 

Tyler Glasnow also known as “Tyler Allen Glasnow” is an American professional baseball pitcher. At the moment he plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers and before has performed for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Rays

Tyler Glasnow was born on August 23, 1993. Tyler’s hard work and dedication have put him to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2016 and later in a successful manner to Tampa Bay Rays in 2018. 

In this post, we will see who Murphy Megan is, her age, her profession, and her recent trip to Peru with his boyfriend Tyler. 

Megan Murphy Profile 

Full Name Megan Murphy 
FatherJeff Murphy
Brothers Michael and Jack Murphy
SisterCarolyn Murphy 
College University of Florida 
Instagram @Injector_Meghan
Nationality Florida 
Boyfriend Tyler Glasnow 

Who is Tyler Glasnow Girlfriend, Megan Murphy? 

The popular baseball pitcher Tyler is in a relationship with Megan Murphy. There is very little information available about his girlfriend but we have gathered some about her. 

Meghan Murphy Works As An Aesthetic Injector
Meghan Murphy Works As An Aesthetic Injector

Megan Murphy is currently working as a Physical Assistant/ Aesthetic Injector at Watt Plastic Surgery in Tampa Florida. She is an expert in Botox, Juvederm, Sculptra, PDO Threads, and Skincare. 

She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in health science. After she completed her graduation she joined Nova Southeastern University for her higher studies. She also worked there as a Physical Assistant Student and finally got her master’s degree in the year 2020. 

When did Tyler and Megan Murphy meet? (Dating)

There is no official announcement as to when the couple started dating each other but according to Instagram, they started dating in the year 2021. 

Tyler Glasnow shared his picture with his girlfriend on Instagram for the first time. In the post, you can see Tyler with his girlfriend, brother, and a cute dog. 

After a year spent together, they again decided on a trip to Thailand. They both are busy in their profession but they have enough time to cherish their relationship. On their Thailand journey, they visited Phuket and enjoyed the beautiful breeze. 

Tyler Girlfriend Murphy’s Career 

Megan Murphy, unlike their brothers and sister, decided to go into the medical science field at her graduation. She completed her graduation from Florida and and master’s degree in major science. 

After she got her master’s degree she joined CDR Maguire and worked there as a clinical operations manager. She enjoyed her work there for a year. 

Meghan Murphy during her duty
Meghan Murphy during her duty

In the year 2022, she got an offer from Watt Plastic Surgery and Med Spa with better salary pay. She joined this company and now works here as an Injector. She has also named her Instagram I’d Injector Murphy to promote her company services and also show her position there. 

Murphy always takes the patient’s pictures she treats to make them feel more confident and better. You can see multiple posts on her Instagram featuring Botox and other services she offers. 

Family Backgrounds 

Tyler Glasnow family 

Tyler Glasnow comes from a family with a strong interest in sports. His father is a former swimmer and he swam at water polo. 

Tyler’s Mother is a former gymnast and his Brother has been a track and field star.  Her mother was a gymnast at Cal State Fullerton. She won the Division II national championship in 1982. Later she worked as a coach at Cal State Northridge. 

Meghan Joined Tyler And His Family During A Trip To Santa Barbara
Meghan Joined Tyler And His Family During A Trip To Santa Barbara

Tyler’s family has been his biggest motivation of all and helped him reach the Tampa Rays Of MLB ( Major League Baseball). 

Tyler’s Brother name is Ted. He is a former decathlete player and has played for Notre Dame Fighting Irish. 

Megan Murphy family 

Megan Murphy with her family

Megan Murphy comes from Florida. Her Father’s name is Jeff Murphy. He worked as a Trial Lawyer with a specialty in Personal Injury and Wrongful death cases. He has practiced in court as a lawyer for 33 years. He graduated from Florida with a doctorate in jurisprudence. Additionally, he has founded a law firm ”Jeffrey D. Murphy’s Law Firm”.

Like other family members, she has two Brothers Jack and Michael Murphy. Michael is a big fan of football sports and even played as a linebacker for four seasons at Columbia University.

Megan’s Sister is her best friend from childhood. She says she is lucky to have a sister like her. Her sister’s name is Carolyn Murphy.

Tyler Glasnow Trip To Phuket with his girlfriend Megan Murphy

The popular baseball pitcher Tyler always goes on vacation with his girlfriend within a year. They both are trying to make their relationship bond stronger. 

On the date 10th, January 2023, the couple visited Phi Phi Island Phuket, Thailand.  They both posted happy moments together on Instagram handles, playing and teasing each other on beaches. 

Tyler Glasnow and Meghan Murphy enjoying in Thailand
Tyler Glasnow and Meghan Murphy enjoying in Thailand

They went to Phi Phi Island to enjoy the majestic green mountains and charming waters and shores. They tried roaming and playing on boats, swimming, and many other activities.

After Phi Phi Island, They visited the holy Big Buddha in Phuket. People come here to ask for Buddha blessings. The couple visited this place and enjoyed talking with native people.

Tyler and Megan Together in Peru vacation

After a year on Phuket vacation, the couple went to Peru to create some memorable moments together. They posted on Instagram photos together on the date 10th January 2023. 

Tyler Glasnow and Meghan Murphy enjoying the holiday in the mountains
Tyler Glasnow and Meghan Murphy enjoying the holiday in the mountains of Peru

The sweet couple roamed the green valley. This place is famous as the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. It’s the most beautiful place on earth, Tyler certainly had unforgettable memories with her girlfriend on this place. 

They went to see the famous dessert in Peru ”Huacachina’ after the Green Valley. They both like adventuring in unique and famous places. They had a good time playing and throwing each other. 

Cusco Cathedral also known as catholic cathedral was their final place to visit at this time. They had a couple of pictures there. The two lovebirds were roaming the historical buildings.

The American baseball player Tyler Glasnow now plays for the Los. Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball. Previously he has played for Tampa Bay Rays. He is a renowned player and the public is waiting eagerly to see his performance in 2024.

People have also asked about his girlfriend. Tyler’s Girlfriend’s name is Megan Murphy, she is an Injector at Watt Plastic Surgery. If you want to know more about Tyler Glasnow you can check out wiki

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Tyler and Megan’s Social Media handles

You can see more of their moments together on their social media handles Instagram @Injector_Megan @glasnowt

Meghan Murphy in Kingdom of Thailand
Meghan Murphy in the Kingdom of Thailand

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