Meet Vaughn Grissom Parents – Anthony and Elizabeth (Mother, Dad)

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Vaughn Grissom Parents are Anthony Grissom (Dad) And Elizabeth Taylor (Mother). He has one caring elder sister, Jessie Grissom.

Vaughn full name is Vaughn Anthony Grissom. He is an American Baseball player and plays for the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball (MLB) as Second Baseman and Shortstops. Previously he played for the Atlanta Braves, then was bestowed to Boston Red Sox in December 2023 according to Wiki.

In this post we will get to know about Vaughn Grissom Parents (mother,father), sister and Girlfriend Dakota Kendall. Vaughn is 23 years old (age) as of 2024. He is the youngest player in the MLB. Let’s dive deep into his parents Details.

Who are Vaughn Grissom Parents (Anthony and Elizabeth)?

Vaughn with his sister, father and mother

Vaughn, his sister, Dad and mother

The popular Second Baseman is a son to Anthony Grissom (Father) and Elizabeth Taylor (Mother). Anthony and Elizabeth (parents) raised two kids Vaughan and Jessie in Orlando. 

Vaughn did not get a chance to be raised and practice the baseball game as other players. He has done hard work to get where he is now. But Vaughn was more happy when his parents watched him make his MLB debu at Fenway park. When the ball touched the stadium his parents were thrilled and proud of their son. 

Vaughn First Told His Dad Anthony Grissom about Call Up

Vaughn Father Anthony was so excited watching his son making debut for Atlanta Braves. It is a memorable moments for him that he can never forget.

At first Anthony thought Vaughn is fooling around. He thought it’s all a joke. 

In an interview with Ben Ingram on YouTube for the series ” Riding with Braves” , Vaughan shared, when he received the call, he thought he was in trouble but actually it was call from MLB for his debut. 

Vaughn thought to inform his dad first, because he has been his helping hand when he was in learning stage, he called him and told. His Dad thought that he is fooling around but soon he realised it was true. 

Anthony Grissom (Father) is a low key profile person and does not like to be on social media, came in live streams with his son. 

Vaughn Grissom Profile (Wiki,Age,Dad,Mother,Girlfriend)

Full Name Vaughn Anthony Grissom 
Date of birth January 5, 2001
CityOrlando, Florida 
Age 23 Years ( as of 2024)
Height Update soon
Weight Update soon
Father Anthoy Grissom 
Mother Elizabeth Taylor 
SisterJessie Grissom
Profession Baseball 
Nationality United States 
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Meet Vaughn Grissom Dad Anthony Grissom (Father,Parents)

Vaughn and his family sister Jessie mother and father

Vaughn Dad Anthony when first saw Vaughn making his debut for Atlanta Braves he was so happy. That day he will remember all his life. Vaugh made a post on Instagram with his father, mother and sister and captioned there are all he has got and put a heart emoji. 

Vaughn Father Elizabeth Grissom is a low profile person and has no much information on social media. There are very less information available about him but soon as we find about him we will update.

Who is Vaughn Mom Elizabeth Taylor (Puerto Rican Roots) ?

Elizabeth Taylor with his son vaughn

Source: Facebook 

Vaughn mother Elizabeth Taylor have roots of puerto Rican Roots and she is proud of it. There are many post on Facebook which supports this. 

You can see in most of Elizabeth photos, she is with her son and daughter. A Puerto Rican woman priorities her family first. 

On Instagram, in a post Vaughn mentioned that he would be working hard until the day his mother gets to drive all type of cars. This shows how much he loves her mother. 

In an other post, her mother was raising hands infront of the braves, he captioned ” “Imagine doing what you love and seeing your mom support you like this”. 

Vaughn mother Elizabeth Taylor raising hands infront of braves

Elizabeth Taylor Facebook Handle is ElizabethTaylor10.  You can there and see more of her moments with her son and daughter.

Vaughn Sister Jessie Grissom Like fishing(family)

Vaughn Sister Jessie Grissom catching fish

 Vaughn Sister Jessie Grissom catching fish

Vaughn elder sister Jessie Grissom was born on May 9, 1996. Her age is 27 years (as of 2024) and she is 4 years Elder than Vaughn. 

Vaughn and his sister Jessie have common interest, baseball. Jessie joined the Baseball academy D-bat academies in 2022. They both has good bond. In an interview Vaughn shared in growing up Vaughn used to wear 15 number Jersy while Jessie 18. But after he got selected to Atlanta Braves he chose his sister Jersy number 18. 

Jessie is supportive and like a good friend to vaughan. Recently Vaughan made a post of her sister and family captioning that they are everything he has got. 

Jessie Grissom likes hunting, catching fish and traveling. You can see many of her photos on Instagram she posted of hunting animals and Catching fish as her interests. Additionally, she likes photography.

She likes baseball too and often plays. It is another of her main interests. You can see many her post, where he shared her pictures of playing baseball

How Old is Vaughn Grissom (Age)

As Vaughn Grissom’s popularity is growing, people are being curious as to how old is Vaughn. By the look of it he looks quite young as you can see him during games or on photos and so everyone is excited to know his real age. 

Grissom Age is 23 years, as of 2024. We can see he is really a young player who gives good performance in the whole MLB League.  

Who is Vaughn Grissom Girlfriend Dalton Kendall?

Our MLB Star Vaughn is in love with a Beautiful lady named Dalton Kendall. If you go through their social media handles Instagram and twitter you will find many of their happy moments they have posted there. 

There is no exact date as to when they started dating each other but as soon as we get that information we will inform you. But they both were seen first on Instagram together in 2019. 

Vaughn with his girlfriend Dalton Kendall in the field

Source: instagram

The day Vaughn got traded to red sox, his girlfriend Dalton Kendall was present with his family in Fenway park. 

What is Vaughn Grissom Net Worth in 2024

The popular Baseball Player Vaughan Grissom Net Worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $1 to 5 million according to various sources. 

Vaughn’s main source of income is his profession Baseball (MLB). He earns enough by the contracts he makes with the team. He is a rising star and has quite the fan following and audience, so companies also contact him for brand endorsements.  

Social Media Handles (Facebook, instagram, twitter and wiki)

Social Media Links 
X Twitter @GrissomVaughn
Instagram Vaughn Grissom 
Sister Instagram Jgriss18
Mother Instagram Sassyveedub
Vaughn Wiki


Vaughn Grissom was recently traded to Red Sox from Atlanta Braves. He made his MLB debut in braves and was admired by the world. Especially you can see her mother in a instagram post raising her hands infront of braves. 

Vaughn age is 23 years and he is a younger mlb player. His dad is Anthony Grissom and mother is Elizabeth Taylor (parents). He has an elder sister, Jessie. She is most caring to him. 

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