Meet Adley Rutschman sister Josie Rutschman, the viral girl

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Adley Rutschman, the popular Baseball star has a sister, most fans know it from the last year during the Home Run Derby. Adley hit some quality shorts which his sister was seen cheering and enjoying.

Josie went viral after that game, increasing her popularity and immense growth on social media. She gained 1k followers in just 30 seconds as per a fan comment. Currently, she has 27.3k followers on Instagram.

Let’s know more about her in the blog.

Who is Adley Rutschman sister?

Josie Rutschman is the sister of popular MLB star Adley Rutschman. Adley Stan Rutschman is an American professional baseball catcher for the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Josie is the only sibling of Adley. In many interviews, Adley has said that they share a great bond.

“We spend as much time together as we can at home,” Adley said in a phone interview. “We definitely play off of each other, and have very similar tastes in comedy. We laugh at a lot of the same stuff, and when we’re together at family functions, it’s a lot of energy and a lot to handle. We get a little rowdy when we’re together.”

Adley’s parents, Randy Rutschman and Carol Rutschman are also very successful and happily married, raising two children, Adley and Josie.

How did Josie Rutschman become popular?

Josie went viral during the Home Run Derby last year when her brother hit some quality shots and Josie was cheering. Later that game, her followers increased suddenly, and she got a big following on Instagram. She also started to become popular on other social media platforms.

Josie Rutschman

“Adley Rutschman’s sister just gained 1,000 followers in 30 seconds (don’t ask me how I know),” a user posted. She has more than 27k followers on her Instagram where she shares glimpses of her life.

Josie Rutschman’s early life

Josie is two years younger than Adley.

Adley Rutschman sister Josie is also a sports player. She has a big interest in sports. Josie is a former tennis player. She played tennis at Sherwood High School from where she completed her high school degree.

“She’s always been a very good athlete, but more passionate about school and pursuing her career,” Adley said. “It’s a good dynamic we have and she’s very, very smart in her respective area, very accomplished. I’m super proud of her for that.”

Josie Rutschman career

She is very much interested in science especially in biochemistry. She studied Biochemistry at Linfield College and graduated in 2022. She says her true passion she learned in high school, which lay in helping others.

During the pandemic, Josie administered COVID-19 vaccines at a primary care clinic in McMinnville, Oregon. She has done nursing assistant training. She also did work as a medical assistant with studies at Linfield University, where she majors in biochemistry.

Later, Josie earned her phlebotomy certification in January. She also volunteered at a children’s hospital in Tanzania.

Does Josie Rutschman have a boyfriend?

Yes, Adley Rutschman sister Josie Rutschman is dating Brady Lavoie. He is also a Baseball player. They both are known to have been dating for a long time. Josie has posted pictures with her boyfriend on her Instagram.

Her boyfriend Brady Lavoie has also shared a lot of couple photos of them on his Instagram. He has currently 1.5k followers on Instagram. They are surely dating as they have shared a photo where they are seen kissing.

What Josie says about her life?

Josie loves her job very much and enjoys her life along with her career.

“Health is something that’s so worrisome for people and it feels really out of their control, and I like the idea of being able to give people that relief, to help people in that way, because it is such a scary thing sometimes,” Josie said. 

 I love my job, being able to provide some relief for people. Right now, we’re vaccinating the 65-and-up group. These people are really susceptible. And it’s really scary for them to get something like COVID. To be able to see how excited they already get their shot, I feel like I’m doing something good here, you know?”

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Josie taught Adley how to cook

According to Adley, Josie is a very talented girl. Along with studies she also is a great cook. Josie taught Adley how to cook during the lockdown. They learn amazing things during the pandemic.

She has written Chef in her Instagram bio.

Josie loves spending time with her brother Adley

They both enjoy a lot spending time together. The cute siblings make TikTok videos together, watch TV shows together, etc. She watched The Boys on Amazon Prime, Scandal on Hulu with her brother, and co-starred in a series of TikTok videos about life in the Rutschman household.

“We do so much together,” Josie said. “My draft section on TikTok is insane right now. I wish he would let me post some of those videos because they’re so funny. We’ll spend hours on a video and then he’ll say don’t post it. I’m like: ‘Are you serious?’”

Adley Rutschman life

Adley’s family has been involved in sports for more than half a century. His involvement in sports is attributed to his grandfather Ad Rutschman. Ad was a football coach and has won many awards during his long coaching career.

Adley Rutschman with his family

His mother Carol Rutschman is a former academic teacher and golf coach. When he was only eight years old, she predicted that her son would become a good baseball player.

His father Randy Rutschman is a former teacher who worked with his wife at Tigard before becoming an advisor to the head coach at George Fox University in 2004 and retiring from that position in 2022.

What is Adley Rutschman sister name?

Adley Rutschman sister name is Josie Rutschman.

Is Josie Rutschman a nurse?

During the pandemic, Josie administered COVID-19 vaccines at a primary care clinic in McMinnville, Oregon. She has done nursing assistant training. She also did work as a medical assistant with studies at Linfield University, where she majors in biochemistry.

Does Adley Rutschman sister Josie Rutschman have a boyfriend?

Yes she is dating a baseball star Brady Lavoie.

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