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Jace Peterson Wife Brianna works as a brand strategist at Modern Reel. Jace married her in 2017. The couple has two cute daughters Marly and Maya.

Jace Peterson was born on May 9, 1990, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He is a professional baseball player. Currently, he plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks and his lucky Jersey number is 6. Peterson is a legend who has played for multiple Leagues. Jace’s Professional MLB debut was in 2011 for Eugene Emerald then San Diego Padres (2014) and so on. 

The popular Jace is a Utility player and his rising fame has led to people thinking about his personal life. People want to know about his relationship, wife, marriage, daughters, and many more. So, in this post, we will cover everything about Jace’s love story, wife, and family.

Who is Jace Peterson Wife Brianna? (Family and Profession)

Brianna comes from an athletic family background. Her mother is a former Long distance runner while her father is a former soccer and Track record. Brianna’s parents’ names are Horace (father) and Karen (mother) Pugh.

Her younger sister, Mallory Pugh is also an athlete and plays as a forward at the club Chicago Red Stars. She won the FIFA Women’s World Cup with her friends in 2019. 

Brianna’s sister’s husband, Dansby Swanson is a former teammate of Jace at Braves and now plays for the Chicago Cubs. 

Brianna graduated from Oregon University with a degree in Advertising. She has a sister named Mallory Pugh Swanson. 

At the moment she works as Marketing manager and brand strategist at Modern Reel. The Model Reel organization has stated Brianna on its website as a master creative strategist and brains behind the company. 

On her Instagram, you can see her promoting many beauty and skin care products. 

Brianna has also played soccer with her family. She has the ninth-highest goal score in her college in Oregon. 


Jace Peterson with wife Brianna and daughters at brewers
Jace Peterson with wife Brianna and daughters at brewers
Full NameJace Peterson 
WifeBrianna Rae Peterson 
Daughters Marly and Maya
Date of birth (Birthday)May 9, 1990
PlaceLake Charles, Louisiana 
Age33 Years (As of 2024)
HeightUpdate soon 
WeightUpdate Soon
ParentsScott and Shawn Peterson 
Net Worth$5 Million 
Horoscope Taurus 
InterestsBaseball, Traveling, fishing 

Brianna and Jace have a Bulldog named Chevy

Jace brianna family dog

The couple has a beautiful family of a total of five members. Two daughters and one couple. Well. That just counts four members but don’t forget their puppy enjoys all rights of a member. So he is also a part of their family. 

 Brianna and Jace adopted a French Bulldog in 2015. Brianna loves her Bulldog so much that she put her Instagram name as Babes and Bulldogs. 

The couple is interested in bulldogs so they bought one at their home on the arrival of their second daughter in the year 2017. You can see on their Instagram handles that the dog has equal space in photos as does other members of the family. The cute Bulldog’s name is ” Chew”. 

They take bulldogs everywhere they go for vacation. Chew is a good boy and takes care of their daughters. 

The Couple Trip to Toledo Bend Reservoir a goodbye to 2023

Jace Peterson with wife and friends traveling to Sabina river mexico
Jace Peterson with his wife and friends traveling to Sabina River Mexico

Although the couple is busy with their professional career, they also get time for family vacations from time to time. They want to raise their kids in the best caring way. 

Recently, As a goodbye to the year 2023, they went to visit Toledo Bend Reservoir with their family and Bulldog puppy ” Chew”. They tried many things there to enjoy the moments to the fullest level. They went fishing and traveled by boat. 

Brianna made a post on Instagram around 2 weeks ago and captioned ” Rang in the new year with some of our favorite people in one of our favorite places. So grateful for this year and all it had for us and cannot wait for what the new year holds”. 

Jace  Peterson And Brianna met 11 Years ago

Jace and Brianna came into the relationship on 7 September 2011 according to Instagram. The Couple made many posts after that and went on vacation together. You can see in one of Brianna’s posts she posted with Jace spending time on Christmas. They also tried hunting together to strengthen their love. 

Jace Peterson Wife

On 19 December, Brianna posted a picture of Jace with hunting gear and after a few days he got selected to Eugene Emerald and so the fame rose and so did their love. 

There is no strong Evidence as to when they started dating each other but according to Instagram posts and other social handles, Jace first met the Brianna Love of his life in Oregon where she was doing her graduation. She had done a bachelor’s in advertising. There Jace made his MLB debut for Eugene Emerald in 2011. 

Jace Peterson married the love of his life on the date 17 November 2017. They married at a place of Historic cash and carry building in Louisiana. 

Jace MLB debut proud moments to the couple 

In 2011 Jace started playing in small leagues and Brianna was always there with him to support.

Jace Peterson with girlfriend Brianna
Jace Peterson with girlfriend Brianna

On the 16th of July Brianna shared a picture with Jace on fences as he performed for the Lake Elsinore storms. She attached the caption ” 1 Corinthians 13 Love endures all things, including distance”. 

After a year on the 25th of April 2015, Jace played for the Padres and shared a post with Brianna, celebrating his debut in MLB. A month later Brianna updated a post where she was seen at a Padres match, she clicked the photo just before the game started. 

She made a caption ” Is this real life?”. These were their moments together at the beginning of the love story.

Jace Proposes to Brianna After Dating for three years

The popular baseball Player Jace dated Brianna for a few years and then they got married in October 2015. 

Jace Peterson with wife Brianna
Jace Peterson with wife Brianna

Brianna shared the photo of her Diamond ring on the date of 10 October 2015. She said there was a small story behind this beautiful ring. They said they had to cut off the ring by the jeweler as her hand was swollen due to running. 

Jace and Briana became parents in 2016 for the first time

Jace Peterson daughter
Jace Peterson daughter

Just after Jace proposed to Brianna, they were living together. After a year, the couple was blessed with a daughter in 2016. 

The firstborn child was so beautiful and charming. They named her Marley Rae Peterson. She also shared a photo of her on the surgery table while the doctor held her daughter. 

A few months after Marley’s birth, Jace’s duty called and they had to move on to Wrigley Field on 8th July 2016. The little angel experienced the first game of baseball and knew her dad was a baseball hero. 

Jace And Diana tied knot in 2017

Jace Peterson wife kiss at wedding
Jace Peterson’s wife kiss at wedding

In 2017, Jace and Brianna tied the knot and got married in Louisiana. They had started their wedding preparations in July and they thanked their friends for helping with wedding preparations. 

Before their wedding, the lovebirds celebrated Halloween with her daughter and puppy Bulldog. Where the little angel was dressed as a character from the show, The Flintstones. 

The bride Brianna wore an elegant Lace gown paired with a short veil for her wedding at the venue. Later. She shared their memorable and joyful moments packed in a video on Instagram post to be seen by the world. 

In a few of Brianna’s posts, they posted pictures of their honeymoon a few months after their wedding. They went to Mexico and visited Crested Butte Mountain Resort for their celebration. 

The couple was blessed with a baby girl in 2020

Jace Peterson with wife Brianna and daughters
Jace Peterson with wife Brianna and daughters

Brianna shared a B&W image of an ultrasound showing a new child, Jace hugging her on 30th July 2019. They posted so their followers could see and know that soon there would be a second angle in the home.

In the upcoming days, Brianna shared the photos of her bumped belly, inside the growing baby. On 13 September 2019, the doctor revealed the gender of the child, it was a baby girl. That day they had a big celebration party. 

On 29th January 2020, the couple had their second child and named her Maya Ruth Peterson. Their Instagram handles were full of the new baby girls’ arrivals. 

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