Meet Marquis Grissom Wife Sharron,: The Love of His Life and Partner in Success 

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The Center Fielder Marquis Grissom wife is Sharron. They are from Georgia. The couple has 5 kids. Their one, Marquis Jr. is also a baseball player. 

Marquis Grissom is a legendary baseball center fielder. He played baseball from 1967 to 2005. Previously, he has also played for the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. He has also been a coach for the Washington Nationals in 2009.  

In this post, we will learn about Marquis Grissom’s wife’s age, height, career, love life, thier kids, and many more interesting things. 

Marquis Grissom Wife (Profile)

Sharron Hastie
Sharron Hastie
Full Name Marquis Deoan Grissom 
Date of birth April 17, 1967
Age56 years
Weight190 lb (86 kg)
Height5’11 1.8 (meter)
CityAtlanta, Georgia 
WifeSharron Hastie
Profession Baseball 
KidsMicah, D’monte, Tiana, Marquis jr and Gabriella. 

Marquis Grissom married to Sharron

During his career in Major League Baseball, Grissom married Sharron. He lived with his wife in Fayetteville and Sandy Springs, Georgia as was the requirement of his matches. 

Marquis Grissom and Sharron Hastie Wedding ceremony
Marquis Grissom and Sharron Hastie’s Wedding ceremony

Marquis is a Baseball player while his wife is a housewife. She takes care of home chores. There is not much known about their marriage. It seems like the couple is not active on social Media Either. We will update more information regarding his love life and how long they have been girlfriend and boyfriend. 

Marquis Grissom Career

Marquis Grissom was born in Atlanta and he has 16 siblings. He was raised in Red Oak, Georgia in a house that his father built from scratch. His father used to work at the assembly line at the Atlanta Assembly, a Ford plant. His family came from a struggling time. He was one of fifteen children who survived infancy according to Wikipedia. 

Marquis Grisom with friends
Marquis Grisom with friends

When Grissom was 8 years old, he hit a police officer with a boulder from a good distance. The police officer’s name was Cadillac. He was caught but the police officer didn’t punish him. He was just surprised, how can a kid hit him from such a great distance? Later on, instead of punishing him he took him to the baseball academy and trained him. Which now we know as the legendary MLB player. 

Grissom could not afford any baseball classes so unlike other kids he was not lucky. He attended Lakeshore High School in College Park. He got college scholarships in baseball, football, and track and field. 

Grissom Son Marquis Jr. is a Pitcher in Baseball

Father Marquis Grissom has 5 kids. Marquis Jr. is one of those. Marquis Grissom is not only in his family who plays baseball but he has also made his son a good baseball pitcher. 

Marquis Jr. is a pitcher in the Washington Nationals Organization. He has been drafted out of Georgia Tech in the year 2022 MLB Draft. 

Marquis Jr
Marquis Jr

Marquis has brought houses for his son, family, and siblings during his career in MLB. 

Marquis Jr.’s father one year after his retirement founded the Marquis Grissom Baseball Association. It is a Non-Profit Organization that helps underprivileged Youths in the Atlanta area of baseball. 

Marquis Works as a Coach at MGBA baseball 

Marquis Grissom is a legendary baseball star. He made his MLB debut in 1989 for MONTREAL EXPO and his last appearance in MLB was in 2005 for San Francisco Giants. Currently, he works as a baseball coach at a baseball academy named MGBA. He helps kids become future baseball players. 

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Is Marquis Grissom single or dating?

At the moment, Marquis Grissom is neither single nor dating anyone. He married Sharron Hastie according to Wikipedia. 

How many children does Marquis Grissom have?

Marquis Grissom is married to Sharron Hastie. The couple has 5 children. One of them is a Baseball pitcher and his name is Marquis Jr. 

What is Marquis Grissom’s Net Worth?

Marquis Grissom had played for many teams. His net worth as of 2024 is estimated to be around $1 Million to $3 Million.  

Is Marquis Grissom married?

Yes, Marquis Grissom is married to Sharron Hastie. The Couple is not active on social media but you can know about them in detail at MLB Coverage. 

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