Taijuan Walker Wife, Heather Restrepo is a Parenting Influencer and has Two Kids

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The Popular baseball Pitcher Taijuan Walker wife, Heather Restrepo Walker is a Parenting Influencer. They married in 2016 and have two kids Zayden and Zoren Restrepo Walker. 

Taijuan Emannual Walker, born on August 13, 1992, in Shreveport, Louisiana, is an American Baseball Pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball (MLB). He started his MLB career(debut) with the Seattle Mariners in 2013. 

Walker is 31 Years Old (As of 2024), and has played for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Toronto Blue Jays, and New York Mates, Previously. He was an ALL STAR  in 2021. 

In this post, we will cover his love life with Heather and the kids. We will get to know how their relationship started, Heather’s age, height, Net Worth, Biography, and many more. 

Taijuan Walker Wife Profile (Heather Restrepo) 

Full Name Heather Restrepo Walker
Date of Birth 18th April 1992
Husband Taijuan Walker 
SisterAleisha Restrepo
Age 31 Years 
Height 5’7 ft
Profession Parenting Influencer(YouTube)
KidsZoren and Zayden Restropo Walker 

Heather Restrepo Biography (Family)

Taijuan Walker with wife Heather & son Zayden

Heather Restrepo, wife of Taijuan Walker, Is a Parenting Influencer. She has a YouTube channel and educates people about good parenting and breastfeeding care. 

Heather was born on April 18th, 1992, in Washington. She is 31st years old (As of 2024). She is the daughter of Ginnie Restropo. She was a part of a big family and was raised in Washington. She has 12 Siblings. Sadly she lost one of his brothers in 2014, Joshua Elish, in a car accident. 

Heather’s family her parents and siblings are 

  • Robert Ellis 
  • Jennifer Phillips
  • Jessica Phillips
  • Aleisha Everett Restropo
  • Heather Guenther 
  • Amy Watkins
  • Sarah Restrepo
  • Danny Guenther 
  • Derrick Sumner
  • Shania
  • Carter
  • Melissa Carter 
  • Matthew Soderquist
  • Kristina Soderquist

Heather Career and Education 

Walker Heather Restrepo

Heather Restrepo completed her schooling at Auburn High School. Here she played Volleyball and Basketball while attending Auburn School. She played Auburn High School varsity team before she was transferred to Washington University. 

During season 2010 -2011, she was a member of WWU Vikings team. She completed an internship in digital media at Aston Major in Seattle while she was attending her university. She got her bachelor’s degree in Business in the year 2015 according to her website which currently seems to be not available. 

The couple Tied Knots in December 2016 

On November 23, 2016, Taijuan Walker was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks from the Seattle Mariners. After a month, he married his girlfriend Heather Restrepo on December 17, 2016 on Tuesday. 

About their dating history, there is confirmed information as to when they started dating and how they met. According to a few sources Walker started dating Heather while he was playing for the Seattle Mariners. 

MLB star Taijuan with wife Heather

Walker and Heather Welcome First Kid in 2017 

The baseball star Taijuan Walker and wife Heather Welcomed their first kid in the year 2017 according to Instagram posts. They named their kid Zayden Restrepo Walker. The sweet kid inherits the brilliance of his dad and the cuteness of his mom, furthermore the nicknames of his parents. 


On 14 August 2017, Walker made a post on Instagram with his first baby Zayden peacefully lying on his chest. He captioned that it was the Greatest gift ever he has gotten. Words cannot describe his love for his baby boy.

He promised to always protect his baby and be with him whenever he needs the father. He also added that his wife is so amazing that she gave birth to a beautiful son. He said she is a strong woman and he loves his family so much. At last, he mentioned he couldn’t have asked for a better gift and family

The couple Was blessed with a second kid in 2020

In the year 2020, the couple welcomed a second child in their home. They named him Zoren Restrepo Walker. The child’s father Walker is proud of his family and kid. 

MLB Player Taijuan Walker son holding his littile brother
MLB Player Taijuan Walker’s son holding his little brother

On November 5, 2020, Walker posted on his Instagram handle a picture of his second baby, Zayden holding him and in his arms. Walker captioned “ Zayden loves his baby brother Zoren so much already! Can’t wait to see them growing together, Proud daddy!”.

Taijuan Walker loves them so much that he quoted in his website “ No love is greater than that of a father for his children. If my boys are happy then I am happy’’. You can see most of his photos on social media with his kids and wife. 

The Family likes Dogs Kiki and Nala

Walker has brought a bull mix dog, they are deemed to be part of the family. Their bull mix dogs’ names are Kiki and Nala and are black. These dogs are cute and besties to walker children. 

The good part is that Walker was also seen in photos in 2014 with the dog, so he started keeping a dog in 2014 before he was married to Heather and had children. 

Taijuan Walker with dogs

Social Media Handles 

Instagram (Heather)Heather Restrepo 
Instagram (Taijuan Walker)Taijuan walker
Twitter Heather Restrepo 
Facebook Taijuan Walker 
Facebook Heather Restrepo 

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