Meet Zac Gallen Girlfriend, a beauty queen of 2024 Era!

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Yes, Zac Gallen has Girlfriend and not a wife. He revealed this to the world by posting a picture of him with his girlfriend on her birthday, in May 2023.

Zac Gallen was born on the date August 3, 1995, Somerdale, New Jersey, U.S. His full name is Zachary Peter Gallen. His profession is baseball and he is an American baseball pitcher. As of the current moment he plays for Major League Baseball (MLB).  His MLB team is Arizona Diamondbacks. 

Zac Gallen is a popular Baseball pitcher and so are rumors about his marriage and personal life. His fans are curious as if he is married or wants to know about his girlfriend’s age, height, weight, career. 

In this post we will cover Zac Gallen girlfriend Elise Loughran Age, net worth , how did the couple meet and how long they have been in relationship. Keep reading and you will get to know many interesting facts about her.  

Who is Zac Gallen Girlfriend?

Elise Loughran, also popular as Zac Gallen Girlfriend, is a former Tax Associates for the CBIZ MHM LLC. 

Elise Loughran in restaurant drinking apple juice
Elise Loughran in restaurant drinking apple juice

After Zac Gallen and Elise Loughran met and fell in love, Elise Loughran came into the limelight. They have spent romantic time together since the university North Carolina and Gallen made his Baseball Debut for the North Carolina Tar Heels. Even though they are not married yet they have spent enough time together to make their bonds unbreakable. 

How did Zac Gallen and Elise Loughran Meet?

Zac Gallen met his girlfriend Elise Loughran in his college North Carolina where he played his made his debut in college baseball of North Carolina Tar Heels. 

They both fall in love as if they were made for each other. Elise often stands and supports Zac gallen in every baseball match. 

How long have Zac Gallen and Elise Loughran been Dating?

Zac Gallen has been dating his girlfriend since high school. There is no exact date as to when he has started dating his girlfriend. 

Zac made his relationship publicly by wishing happy birthday to his girlfriend in may 2023. 

Zac Gallen And His Girlfriend
Zac Gallen And His Girlfriend

They both have been to  Bishop Eustace Preparatory school which is in Pennsauken, New Jersey.  Actually the couple has been together for over a decade. 

Elise Loughran has kept her low profile while his boyfriend Zac has massive followers on instagram. People have been curious to know about their marriage but they should wait until they make a public announcement regarding this. 


Elise Loughran was born on may 6th according to the instagram account of Zac Gallen. 

we could not find any more information related to her bio. She has been living in the shadows and prefers his private love life. 

Elise Loughran Age, Height and Weight

Elise Loughran has kept his stats as to age, height and weight totally secret and seems to have intention of making it public. We will update these stats as soon as we find any data. 

From a normal reasoning we can see that Elise Loughran is shorter than Zac Gallen which makes them a perfect couple. 

Do Zac Gallen and Elise Loughran have kids?

Our baseball champ has been dating his girlfriend Elise but there is no official announcement related to his marriage.  The Sweet couple does not have any kids as of current date 2023. 

We will update this data soon as they decide to embark on a journey of marriage. 

What does Elise Loughran do for living? 

Elise Loughran and her family come from Phoenix, Arizona. She has completed her graduation from Arizona Eller college of management according to various sources. her major was accounting. 

According to various sources Elise has done an internship as executive intern working at statim biomedical during her college time. She has done internships between May 2016 to August 2017. 

Elise Loughran sitting on window
Elise Loughran sitting on window

Elise Loughran has gone through multiple jobs. She has tutored financial accounting during her senior year. Her interest was accounting so she chose this subject to teach to students and make one of her income sources. 

After graduation she entered the corporate world, joined CBIZ MHM LLC as Senior Tax Associate. She started this job in 2020 and left in 2022. 

Her current work position is not known to anyone. We will update in future if we find this information. 


As of current time, there are no available records as to the networth of Elise loughran. We will update this portion as soon as we find out her net worth. 

Elise Loughran looking pretty in Red Skirt
Elise Loughran looking pretty in Red Skirt

But her boyfriend Zac Gallen has a net worth of around $ 5 million. 

Elise Loughran Social media handles

Zac Girlfriend is not much active on social media but you can check out her photos and further  details on her instagram eliseloughran.   As of January 2024, she has 4050 followers and made 50 posts. 

Elise Loughran enjoying vacation
Elise Loughran enjoying vacation

You can also go through Zac Gallen Instagram zac_gallen.


How old is Zac Gallen? 

 Zac Gallen the famous baseball player has attracted an age of 28 years as of 2024. 

Why is Zach Gal called the milkman?

Zac is called milkman during his play at college of University of North Carolina. There he heard that the announcer was calling him milkman in addition to his name Zac gallon. 

Elise Loughran age..

Elise has not yet disclosed her age to the public. She likes her private life away from media clutter. 

In above details we discussed about Zac Gallen girlfriend‘s age, net worth and their love life as to how long they have been in relationship and many more.

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